The Izingane Festival ran for 3 days. 2 days of which were for an education program which included workshops and lectures from 12 famous artists who volunteered to come and train Deaf children who were in the school program. All of these teachers use SASL (South African Sign Language) in their schools and so also during the workshop.

The program consisted of:

  • Workshops / Children
  • Projected movies
  • Presentation of Children’s show

There were 38 teachers who came to support the event at the school:
  • St Vincent School for the Deaf provided 15 Deaf teachers who used SASL.
  • Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf brought 3 teachers (1 Deaf, 2 Hearing)
  • Sizwile School for the Deaf brought 5 Teachers (3 Deaf, 2 Hearing)
  • Dominican School for the Deaf brought 3 teachers (1 Deaf, 2 Hearing)
  • MCK School for the Deaf brought 6 Deaf teachers and they also helped in the kitchen
  • Fidelpia School for the Deaf brought 3 teachers (2 Deaf, 1 Hearing)
  • Transoranje School for the Deaf brought 3 teacher (2 Deaf, 1 Hearing)


The first ever festival that SociGO hosted was the Izingane Festival which translates to “children” in Zulu!

We invited 7 Deaf Schools in Gauteng, Johannesburg to participate in the festival which, due to lack of art and culture skills in schools, is included as part of the schooling education program for Deaf children .

This festival provided the parents an opportunity to build a relationship with their children in a different way and to be part of inspiring their children's lives. The interaction is essential and benefits all, which is part of its diversity.

SociGO made use of a Deaf caterer to provide food and refreshments. This Deaf owned Business is amazing and it was encouraging to see how the children's eyes brightened when eating their food.

How many children participated?
There were approximately 450 deaf children from all 7 Deaf schools aged of 6 to 17 years old, divided into three age categories. They were given a choice to choose which artist category they wanted to be part of.


St Vincent School for the Deaf, Melrose, Johannesburg.

St Vincent School hosted the festival. To make use of and to make the workshop successful and effective which provided of the following:

Staff: Teacher aids, to help the SociGO Team daily

Sponsors / Support