Purpose of the Workshop

SociGO and IT Team had the chance to meet with David de Keyzer to finalized all the planning for Izingane Festival. We went to see St Vincent School for the Deaf to confirm the workshop venue for the Izingane Festival. We saw the venue at Edcon where we will have our Hands Fest, and we had the last meeting in terms of school workshop programs, and we were trained on how to plan the program for the show and determine the time frame for the project.

We also had an opportunity to learn how to budget the event better for the next festival, as it was our biggest challenge. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn all about finalizing and ensure that the event is successful with their guidance. We also had an opportunity to meet Colin Allen who was a WFD president, and had the opportunity to tell him what SociGO had done for the Deaf kids in South Africa.


eDeaf, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

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