The party was held in Pearl Harbour with great support from DJ Deena.

The SociGO party, that was held in Johannesburg, supported by DeafSA at Pearl Harbour with DJ Deena, during Deaf Awareness month which is the most important month for the Deaf in South Africa. The party was aimed at raising funds for our Izingane festival for Deaf schools and the Hands Fest in Cape Town. It was also designed to provide an opportunity to encourage beautiful local hidden artistic skills such as signer-poets, DJs etc., who are members of our Deaf community.

The SociGO party certainly succeeded in providing an opportunity for these artists to present their skills and talents to the Deaf on the stage, at the same time building their confidence in their artistic capabilities. Our very own GDAF executive director Kavita Pipalia also attended and so was able to appreciate our South African artistic skills of which we are so very proud.

There were more than 90 people who came to celebrate with us and who enjoyed the 5 unique performances from the people of Johannesburg. Everyone had an awesome time and it was an amazing night.


Pearl Harbour, Lonehill, Johannesburg.

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