SociGO team went to Cape Town to bring the innovative idea of the Izingane Festival and Hands Fest, which was successful in Johannesburg. We wanted to bring the same success to Cape Town so the children and the people of the Deaf community can have the same inspirational experiences in Johannesburg.

We met all principals of the Deaf Schools and they were excited to be part of the festival, and we are looking forward to changing the lives of the Deaf children by bringing international artists to them to light a spark in their young hearts.


There are 7 Deaf Schools in the Western Cape, here are the names below.
1. Dominican School for the Deaf (Wittebome)
2. Mary Khin School for the Deaf
3. Noluthando School for the Deaf
4. Carel Du Toit Centre
5. De la Bat School for the Deaf
6. Nuwe Hoop School for the Deaf
7. Dominican Grimley School for the Deaf

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