23-26 July 2019

World Federation of the Deaf

We were given an opportunity to promote SociGO and our country in France for the World Congress of the Deaf in Paris. This conference takes place every 4 years, so it is wonderful platform to market our organisation. Many people visited to our booth and expressed their interested in being a part of our festival, and said that we inspired them with what we had achieved with our kids in South Africa.

SociGO also watched many presentations that took place at the congress, and we made sure that we shared what we learned with our South African Deaf Community. We received great recognition for being able to participate on this international platform. We also met lots of shareholders, well known people, and had a great opportunity to network with the people from all over the world. Our name was on the hands of the Deaf all over the world.

4-7 July 2019

Clin d'Oeil

Our SociGO Founders had the opportunity to work as volunteers in France Reims at Clin d’Oeil, the famous festival of the Deaf in Europe, which it takes place every two years.

This encouraged and motivated the founders to learn and understand how to plan and host the festival better in South Africa. It was a perfect platform to have the opportunity to share what South Africa is all about, what we have and where we need support; they exposed our county and organisation on an international platform and to Deaf people who came from all over the world.

We also had a chance to meet well know Deaf entrepreneurs and found out how they have inspired supported each other on a business level; it was really inspiring to meet them and to know that we can bring ideas back and implement those ideas in South Africa because of what we learned from this festival by being able to attend it. We highly recommended that every person attends this festival at least once, or more, in your lifetime.