Want to get involved? Volunteers make the event / festival.

Here are our volunteering opportunities, most of these are to help run the events, some though will be for other services we need to help us run either the event or festival operations.

If you are interested in SociGO Volunteer Sign-Up Form

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Alternatively, if you’ve other skills or are willing to help in other ways with the running of the event or festival then please kindly keep in touch with us.

We aim to empower people to have the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills in planning any event!

SociGO would like to provide an opportunity for every volunteer to be part of the various projects that we have. These can take place in different provinces, and they will get recognition for their skills, whether it be planning, hosting, finding artists and performers, etc. and anything else they can to make our events successful. Once this project is complete, a new team is formed so other people can be part of the team, so we can share skills between all the people who are part of this project.

Every volunteer will be given an opportunity to go for leadership training, so that they can have the chance to take the lead on a specific responsibility.

If you are interested, please send us an email and state what your skills are and how you think you can help SociGO.

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